Rotary and linear process control valves—control valves for all process industries.

Camflex: Universal rotary globe control valves

Reciprocating: Cage and top guided globe style control valves; top and bottom guided double ported control valves

‘LincolnLog’: Cavitation elimination severe service control valve

SVI-II-AP: Smart HART digital valve positioner

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HPC is now BHGE Masoneilan ValvFast Certified

HPC is now ValvFast Certified for BHGE Masoneilan Camflex and Camflex GR.

BHGE has designed a series of modular kits across product lines to meet critical market demands. Certified ValvFAST channel partners (like HPC) can help ensure that the Masoneilan valves customers need will be on the shelf and waiting so they can prepare for the unexpected before it happens. Valves can be available in as little as 24 hours instead of weeks. Improved up-time and reduced downtime add up to bottom-line savings for customers business.


BHGE's Masoneilan Camflex valve technology has over 1.2 million units installed worldwide in refineries, petrochemical and chemical plants, as well as most other industries. Since the original Camflex was introduced in 1968, its reliability has been proven in many applications where typical valves fail.