Hughes-Primeau Controls, Inc. (HPC)

Experts in Engineered Flow Solutions


Hughes-Primeau Controls, Inc. (HPC) was founded in 1986 by Henry Hughes. Hughes and Associates began selling ultrasonic level instrumentation and electric heat tracing. The company remained a small “one man band” until 1996 when John Primeau purchased majority interest in the company, and the name changed to Hughes-Primeau Controls. The company added instrument lines and grew modestly. In 2000 Paul Krause purchased Henry Hughes’ share of the business and expanded in product line representation to include Thermon Heat Tracing product line and the Masoneilan Control Valve line—two lines that have become the number one and continue to lead the industry today. In 2011 Paul Krause purchased John Primeau’s share in the business and became owner of HPC. The company has grown significantly since 2011 and continues to dominant representation for heat tracing, valve, and instrumentation.

Today, HPC is a manufacturer’s representative specializing in the sales of engineered products into the industrial markets in Ohio, Western Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Michigan. HPC provides a high level of engineering support to our clients representing heat tracing, valve, and instrumentation product lines.

We are a significant supplier to the following industries:

  • Refining

  • Oil and Gas

  • Power

  • Iron and Steel

  • Chemical

  • Pulp and Paper

  • OEM

  • Food Processing

  • Pharmaceutical

Our heat trace engineering team provides complete engineering packages including heat trace design from customer provided plans and specs, complete heat trace isometric drawings, panel schedules, and often field supervision of the installation. Our Valve Division provides sizing and support for control valve and on-off automatic valve applications. The valves are sized based on the customer supplied process conditions, quoted to meet or exceed the specifications. At our facility, we provide assembly and testing of the valve assemblies.

HPC has been in business for over 33 years and continues to strive to provide best-in-class service for our clients daily.