The most complete line of electric heat tracing available today. We offer steam trace products and a complete line of tubing bundles.

Industrial Electrical Heat Tracing: Self-regulating, power limiting, constant wattage, flexible series resistance and mineral insulated heating cables, skin effect heating systems

Tubing Bundles: Pre-traced and insulated electric and steam traced tube bundles

Commercial Heat Tracing: Concrete and roof and gutter snow melting systems, freeze protection and plumbing hot water heating systems

Steam Heat Tracing: Heat transfer compounds, SafeTrace insulated steam trace tubing, ThermoTube pre-insulated steam supply and return tubing, SnapTrace
Steam Trace Quick Access Catalog

Tank & Vessel Heating: FlexiPanel Tank, electric pad heaters, HT Hopper heater modules, HeetSheet steam and thermal fluid heater

Controls: Complete monitoring and control systems

Local Heat Tracing Design Services: Complete heat trace design services

Temporary Power Systems: Temporary Power Distribution

Temporary Heating Systems: 3L Filters™; Caloritech™; Cata-Dyne™; Ruffneck™; Norseman™


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