Pressure, analytical, flow, level and temperature instrument products for all industries.

Flow: Vortex, magnetic, coriolis flowmeters

Pressure: Differential, gauge and absolute transmitters

pH and Conductivity: Liquid analytical, pH, conductivity, D.O.

Temperature Transmitters

Pneumatic Instruments

Instrument Area Network (IAN)
Wireless asset management, condition monitoring and preventative maintenance

Scheider Electric “IAN”

Scheider Electric “IAN”

  • Extend Autonomy IAN maximizes battery life and optimizes wireless mesh network data flow. The network of transmitters is enabled with ultra-low-power BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) radios that provide increased reach into challenging areas reducing power requirements, extending battery life and reliability.

  • Increased Flexibility IAN increases free path communications and installation flexibility by communicating with installed sensors via a hybrid network of WirelessHART on the mesh and BLE in the local transmitter locations

  • Eliminate Blind Spots The IAN architecture optimizes radio paths, ensuring deterministic data flow through all network nodes.

Availability: Gauge pressure, Absolute pressure, Differential pressure, Temperature variants